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  • Make your Content grab eyeballs as a Content Marketer.

    Who is a content marketer? A story-teller? A marketer? A writer? The right answer is ALL OF THESE – and a lot more! A content marketer is a jack of all trades. Ze is at marketer who not only sells Zir products by creating and promoting content but educates the viewers in the process. He […]

    Kriti Arora June 17, 2017
  • The Ten Commandments of Social Media Marketing

    If you know anything about marketing today, you know that Social Media Marketing is the trump card of marketing. To put it simply, Social Media Marketing essentially means advertising on social media. But it doesn’t stop there. Big brand names like Nike, Oreos Cookies, Netflix, Dove and GoPro are all on the SMM bandwagon. Then, […]

    Bethamehi Joy Syiem June 14, 2017
  • Tutorial on SEO – Search Engine Optimization for beginners

    If you want to learn or are into Digital Marketing this is not the first time you are hearing the acronym SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Here’s an SEO tutorial for beginners in which, I will help you with the fundamentals to be an SEO Expert and nail your Digital marketing effort successfully. Let’s start […]

    Anshuman Agrahari June 10, 2017
  • What does it take to be a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur?

    Being a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur is about being a trendsetter. An individual living in a hub, which is one of the most inspiring platforms for upcoming technocrats to bring their ideas and thoughts into reality. Home to many of the world’s most influential technology companies and new start-ups, the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, […]

    Ananya Kapoor June 7, 2017
  • Wanna make it Big? – Why Entrepreneurship is the Way Around it

    We all know big names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Arianna Huffington and Mark Zuckerberg. We know them as billionaires or CEOS or giants in the industry. But do we see them as entrepreneurs? Well, they are! Entrepreneurs are those who take ownership of work and start their own venture. Essentially, they are risk takers […]

    Bethamehi Joy Syiem June 5, 2017
  • Check Out 11 Best Freelance Jobs for Students

    As an engineering student in India, you can have a lot of opportunities if you want to earn by learning skills. Freelance is one of the most sorted out options for students. Working on regular jobs full-time or even part-time isn’t a viable option for an engineering or any other student. All those assignments, semester […]

    Anshuman Agrahari June 2, 2017

    “Congratulations! You got shortlisted for the interview round.”   An interview call from your dream company should lift up your spirits, right? But why is it giving you the chills? Why are you feeling a sense of foreboding? Why are you suddenly nervous when you should be jumping with joy? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. […]

    Kriti Arora May 28, 2017
  • How to be a Freelancer – Roadmap

    “DIRECTION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SPEED. We are so busy looking at our speedometers that we often forget the milestone” Step into the corporate world and you’ll be amazed by the turmoil and hullabaloos that come with it. The job rules are often unsaid and unexplained. You make mistakes, learn from them, and if you are […]

    Anshuman Agrahari May 25, 2017
  • Fad about Engineering Education in the Country

    “These are the forms for JEE(mains), VIT, SRMJEE and WBJEE, fill them and submit it by Sunday. Ahh…and do make sure that you clear them as well.“ said Dad giving that I don’t care’ type look at me. “But dad I want to be a scientist, I want to go for research and not engineering“, […]

    Mouli Banerjee May 21, 2017