As an engineering student in India, you can have a lot of opportunities if you want to earn by learning skills. Freelance is one of the most sorted out options for students. Working on regular jobs full-time or even part-time isn’t a viable option for an engineering or any other student. All those assignments, semester exams, internals, attendance criteria etc just won’t let you do anything. So, freelance comes to your rescue, where you can work online remotely and choose to be your own boss. Freelancing gives you a wonderful learning experience. You may earn some bucks as well, who doesn’t want to have some extra pocket money during college education.

First of all, you need to decide the field you want to opt for freelancing.

These are 11 really popular freelance options in India to go for:


    Online Marketing is the most trending option among young freelancers. Presently, almost all, small and large businesses want their online presence. Internet and smartphones penetration is increasing each day. Online marketers work to increase traffic on the company’s/ organization’s website by promoting and creating content on social media platforms. Students who are obsessed with social networking sites and follow latest online trends etc can make it large here.

    Popular Options:

    Upwork Internet marketing jobs, Freelancer: Online Marketing Jobs

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    If you enjoy writing, why don’t to look for freelance as a content writer or a blogger? You can write for small businesses and start-ups who are looking for a content developer for their websites and blogs. The perks are, you’ll keep on improving as much you write and can have a flexible schedule as well. There are lots of opportunities available in this field whatever be the type you prefer. You can also look out for freelance editor jobs also if you have a keen interest in looking for details and have fact checking skills.

    These are some options:

    Home based content writing Jobs – Naukri, Content Writer – Quicker, Work n Hire


    If you are a person who likes to capture moments inside their camera, this might be an opportunity to make money from your hobby. There are many websites where you can upload your photographs. If they satisfy businesses/ advertiser’s needs they can pay you a hefty amount of money for the clicks. You may spot your photograph into some magazine or any ad banner after making money out of it.

    You may check some of them here:

    Fotolia, Alamy, Shutterstock, Demand Media


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    This is the most exciting option for some adventurous ones out there. Just spend some time learning about the place you where you stay. There are many websites where you can register and offer to be a tourist guide. You can meet different people and get to know them, share the stories and facts in detail about places in your area.

    These might be handy:

    IITTM, Quickr – Tour Guides


    If you are a person who fills up all his notebooks with sketches and doodles, you should consider working as a Designer. This is a position which has one of the largest demand. There are people who pay a lot for this skill. Every business/ organization/ brand wants to have a unique logo for them. Apparel brands who are looking for young designers to design for their t-shirt range and other clothing, you can look up to them. There’s a good money in this sector and if you are good at design you can grab it.

    You can find some here:

    Indeed – Graphic Designer Jobs, Gharse Naukri – graphics designing, Design Crowd


    If you don’t have enough time and you’re looking out for some fast way to earn easy money this is for you! There are many websites on which brands are looking out for consumers to answer their surveys. One can make easy money or shopping coupons from these online surveys. Make sure you research well before registering on them, there might be some spam website as well. You can ask your friends too to make it fun answering questions about daily life.

    Some popular options:

    Star Panel, SurveyHead, InboxDollars review,


    You have always wondered how Bhuvan Bam, Zakir Khan, Geeky Ranjit, etc made it to that level! That’s because they ditched their shyness and showed their talent in front of the whole world. how about making a lot of money by views on your YouTube video? You can review products, shoot videos, do some comedy or anything, upload anything on YouTube. If you have there’s an audience probably you are hiding your talent. You can earn through views and the commercial ad if you get a good viewership.

    Pro Tip:

    Use YouTube Editor


    Image result for bhuvan bam youtube fanfest


    For students who don’t have any particular hobby or who are too lazy to acquire a skill. This might be a pick for you! For data entry jobs you only require some basics of internet and computer. This is a relatively easier job and there are lots of websites looking out for freelancers for this.

    Options to consider:

    Shine, Easy Works Online


    It’s an easy way to make cash by selling other’s products on the internet. Get a fixed commission on each product you sell. The commission of some product may range up to 60–70% as well. There are different strategies to be a successful freelance affiliate marketer. There are big player like Amazon, etc offering affiliate marketing. It’s all about how you sell a product and how well you get along with your audience.

    Pro Tip:

    Amazon Affliate Program is the best.Image result for amazon affiliate program


    Nothing can be better than spreading knowledge. Moreover, if it’s a ‘work from home’ with making money it’ll be a cherry on the top. College students who score decent marks and have an interest in academics can help younger students to learn basics and crack competitive exams. There are may education portals where you can register your account as a freelancer and you’ll get paid for each session you give. Also, you can record your tutorials and sell in on a different platform or just upload it to YouTube. Researchers say, teaching someone is the best way to excel your knowledge.

    Popular Options:

    Vedantu, Tutor India


    This is the most sorted out freelancing option for young engineering student in engineering college. There are many startups/ businesses looking out for someone who can make their websites/apps and offer a good incentive for the same. It’s not the incentive that is cheesy; it’s the experience and knowledge it gives building your portfolio. If you are or want to be the “coder guy” in your class, consider this seriously. You can develop open source websites and sell them directly to the businesses.

    Popular Options:

    People Per Hour, Upwork – Web Development

    I rate this highest because:

  • It pays a lot,
  • Helps to build up your resume/portfolio,
  • It helps to land you up an internship or a job,
  • Builds great connections and makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Working as a freelance web developer can help you amazingly in your career. Moreover, you can take this as a permanent job and be assured that you’ll get projects and job offers working from home. They come with independence you have always desired and also, you don’t even have to work in a monotonous 9–6 schedule. You can be your own boss writing some codes and making some cool projects.


Finally, in Joker’s words, “If You Are Good At Something; Never Do It For Free”. Here free doesn’t mean you should charge for everything you do. It means if you are getting something by doing anything; Just Do It. This something can be Knowledge, Experience, Skills, Certificate, or even Money. It’s all about doing things which you love instead of procrastinating. Increase your network by developing yourself and your career; applying your skills and devoting your free time.


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  1. I work as an online English teacher to kids in China, and I tutor kids in the U.S. in reading and math through an online platform. It’s stable work and the pay is decent.

  2. I am not an engineering student but I am a teacher so I’ll be sure to pass this along. Great suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

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