“It’s really good to know that you want to be a Freelance Web Developer. You need to follow these steps with determination.“

First Thing First – Acquire The Necessary Skills

This is the most important thing. Most of the beginners skip this part and jump on to next step. Your skills will be one and only way to fetch you freelance jobs. You can start from HTML, CSS to programming in Python or PHP. It’s all about interest and passion.

“There are plenty freelance projects related to WordPress, PHP framework to build websites”

Work On Dummy Projects

Once you have got the skills, work on some of your personal projects. It can be anything like a Quiz app, Online Ordering System etc. See if you can manage a mentor then you can fasten this process with code reviews and project feedback.

Build Portfolio

Create a nice Github account with all your projects and previous works. It’s always better to have an online portfolio which showcases your skills and projects. If you are interested in HTML, CSS then you can build it by your own or else you can look out FREE themes. You can host your portfolio online for FREE using GitHub Pages or http://Surge.sh


Apply For Freelance Jobs

Now it’s time to go online and visit some websites like:

Make sure that you have created your online profile everywhere. As a newbie, it might be tough to get your first project. Upwork is really competitive these days. But if you have the dedication and passion then you can work on your own rules.

Infographics - How to become a Freelance Web Developer

Few more tips –

  • Give the skill test on Upwork and make sure you have scored at least 50% marks.
  • In the beginning, apply for more than 4 or 5 jobs at a time.
  • Create your online presence at AngelList, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • Join few Facebook Groups as well.
  • Write a nice proposal to your prospective clients. (This is important)

So, following these simple steps will help you excel as a freelance web developer. Set your own rules, break the barriers and shape your life as you want.

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